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How to find out who my sales rep is?

Please call office for more information at 213-677-2453.

How to order online with Login at Cadeau Ami?

Create an account wait for approval, & add in credit card. Discounts and specials will be applied at checkout

I'm searching your categories yet don't see the brand I'm looking for, what can I do?

You can search for any by clicking OUR BRANDS and view the many vendor's and their logo. To view catalogs click Shoppe and Catalogs and if registered enter your user/password when prompted. Any problems…give us a call at 213-677-2453 or email sales@cadeauami.com

Who can I speak to about potential representation of my line with Cadeau Ami?

Please call office 213-677-2453 or email sales@cadeauami.com for consideration.

I created a new account but haven't received an email that I've been approved. How long does it take?

Usually you will be approved within 24 hours during work days. If there is a rush, kindly call office 213-677-2453 or email sales@cadeauami.com

Why can't I see some of the products on your site?

We ask our vendors to provide an image for each of their products, but with so many SKUs, sometimes it takes a bit more from the vendor especially if smaller and shorthanded. Possibly you could resort to vendor catalog for a photo until we have online fotos.

Is my credit card information safe as well Federally PCI compliant?

Absolutely! When your credit card is entered online, it passes to the vendor's payment gateway rather than your actual card number. This ensures safety of information and keeps all compliant. Vendors are still able to adjust the total amount after receipt of the order, add freight and applicable discounts.

Why can't I use my credit card to check-out?

Not all vendors have yet to set up a payment gateway. For PCI compliance and your security, all credit card numbers must now go through the vendor's payment gateway. Rather than us transmitting your number over the web, the gateway creates a ‘token' for the vendor's financial institution, keeping your card info safe. If a vendor's gateway is not set up, the option to pay with a credit card has been removed from the check-out screen.

Call office if problems ensue 213-677-2453or email sales@cadeauami.com

Can I come to office and what are your hours?

Yes, we are open 5 days a week! Mon-Thursday 9-4 and Friday 9-3 appointments preferred, please, but walk ins are also welcome.

Simply send us your email if you would like for us to contact you!

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